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It’s all about passion.

Once upon a time

Hello and thank you for stopping by. My name is Julien L’Hermet and I’m a French graphic designer. In 2009 I decided to move to China to meet my future wife whom I ended up marrying some 3 years later (love you babe). Chinese people are the most welcome and warm people you’ll ever meet. If you don’t know China, well, come here and see for yourself because as always TV doesn’t give it justice!

I discovered Editorial Design in 2007 and I’ve been passionated by it ever since. In simple words, Editorial Design is about communicating a message in the most legible and aesthetically way possible by clever arangements and organization on the document that it is displayed on. Turns out being a neat freak and an organized fanatic finally payed off!

Some say (my wife ^^) that I’m a perfectionist maniac and that I spend too much time refining every little detail on my projects. To me this IS what Premium Quality is all about: a sharp eye for details and space. Here is my motto:

“Premium quality is how deep you go into detail all the while remaining the simplest.”

I started out by creating a local ads magazine and I ended up being a freelancer for a while. Then I discovered the joy of digital marketplaces and it changed everything. The competition was fierce but with my business experience I knew I had to listen to the market and bring something different.

Thank you for reading so far! If you have any question feel free to contact me, I’m always happy to discuss about design.

Until then, you have a great day!

Julien – ID Vision Studio

My rewards

JUL. 2015:
Launch of Creative Market shop. My best seller is featured in the “Handpicked” section and my sales takes off. Some of my products are featured in their blog posts. I have my awesome thousands of customers to thank for having my best selling products sit on the first page of my category.

DEC. 2015
I was invited along with few other selected designers to Envato Elements for the launch and to open a shop.

DEC. 2017:
I was contacted by Adobe for InDesign to feature my products directly in the InDesign application. Now within InDesign, when you go to “File > New File…” you can select 2 of my products for free.

FEB. 2020:
I’ve worked with Affinity Team on few templates for their communication campaigns and they commissioned me for a video about Affinity Publisher that is now featured on their Youtube Channel.

The Studio

ID Vision Studio was originally created in 2013 to specialize in Corporate Identity. Today the studio is open for tailored services in Graphic & Web Design thanks to its ability to find reliable partners who help Julien to keep the quality of his products and services in the premium aisle.

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